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What is Diabetes? Best Diabetes Doctor in Bilaspur

Diabetes: Know How Severely It Affects Our Health – Best Diabetes Doctor In Bilaspur

You may have always heard from your friends, family members, and neighbors about choosing the wrong doctor for the diabetes treatment and spending a lot of amounts to take care of your diabetes and the future diseases which will cause because of diabetes.

Did you know the incidence of diabetes is increasing day by day and there are 1.5 million people in India? Out of which 77 million around 70% of people are suffering from diabetes? Diabetes is a type of disease that is incurable. Don’t neglect it You should go for a proper body checkup in every four to 6 months with the best diabetes doctor in Bilaspur. Dr. Ashish Agrawal helps you to cope with your diabetes and help you to stay fit and healthy, eat well, and be active.

What Is diabetes?

Diabetes is not caused basically by eating too much sugar and sweets. Diabetes mainly occurs when your body is not responding to the amount of insulin produced in the body. This is one of the major causes of diabetes because you need insulin to take sugar (glucose) from the food you eat and turn it into energy for yourself.  It is necessary for your body to take insulin every day to live fit and healthy. Talk to the best diabetes doctor in Bilaspur about how you can take care of your diabetes and stay fit and healthy.

Types of Diabetes - Best Diabetes doctor in Bilaspur

Types of diabetes – Best Diabetes Doctor In Bilaspur

Type 1 Diabetes: –Type 1 Diabetes is also known as juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes. In this type of diabetes, your body stops producing insulin. Taking insulin is necessary for survival that’s why some people may take insulin every day to be able to live. The symptoms are Increasing thirst, frequent urination, hunger, weight loss, irritation, and mood swings. It usually appears in teens, adults, children, and youngsters.

Type 2 Diabetes: –Type 2 diabetes is called Mellitus diabetes and adult-onset diabetes because it always appears in middle and late adulthood. In the condition of type 2 diabetes the level of sugar and glucose increase in the blood. In general, insulin helps to get sugar from your food to get energy into your body. But in type 2 diabetes the body cells are not able to respond. This type of diabetes mostly happens in individuals over the age of 45.

Type 3 Diabetes: – The diabetes of type 3 among some people is called Alzheimer’s disease. In type 3 diabetes the neurons in the brain are not able to respond. And it is essential to respond because of the basic task including your memory and your day-to-day learning. The symptoms of type 3 diabetes are family history of diabetes, memory loss, difficulty in completing regular tasks, misplacing things, having overweight, hypertension, high blood pressure, and other health conditions.

Precautions of Diabetes - Best Diabetes Doctor in Bilaspur

Are You taking proper precautions to not fall into diabetes?

  • Excessive Weight: – Nowadays, the major cause of increasing diabetes diseases day by day is excessive fat in your body. The accumulation of an excessive amount of body fat and Losing the extra weight can help your body to get insulin from your food. This will not only relieve you from diabetes. But also help to relieve other diseases like blood pressure, cholesterol, and cardiological diseases. Only you need to change and plan the regular schedule, proper diet plan, and regular exercises.
  • Quit Smoking: –In today’s day and age, everyone knows that smoking is dangerous and bad for you, but did you know it can lead to your diabetes at a high amount of risk. According to the best diabetes doctor in Bilaspur, every chemical in a cigarette harms the major parts of your body like the lungs and insulin. It is also a major cause of other cardiological diseases. This also makes the body of your cell stop responding. The more you smoke the greater the risk of diabetes.
  • Avoid unhealthy food: – Unhealthy foods like a sandwich, burgers, or pizza. This contains a lot of fats and oils and it is also unhygienic. 
  • Avoid Overeating: – Dr. Ashish Agrawal the best diabetes doctor in Bilaspur says being overweight through overeating is a high-risk factor for diabetic patients. But many people believe that overeating or eating sweet dishes leads to diabetes. Overeating too much of not only sweet dishes but also any type of food may increase the risk factor of diabetes.
  • Regular Checkup: – The diabetic patient always thinks that they are taking control of their own diabetes by living an active lifestyle, eating healthy food, doing physical activities and regular exercises, and taking medicines at a proper time and schedule. Then we don’t need to go for any regular tests and checkups. But the human body requires proper care and maintenance in order to stay fit, healthy, and diseases free.

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