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Cardiologist In Korba – For Healthy Lifestyle And Healthy Heart

“The greatest wealth in life is good health” –  Ashish Agrawal

Cardiologist in Korba, says In this era, nearly half of premature deaths are caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices, such as smoking, drinking, and insufficient and poor diet. The key risk factors involved are increased risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, and stroke. 

Cardiologist in Korba states from the existing evidence that healthier lifestyle choices can reduce the risk of premature death and disability due to heart disease. Dr. Ashish Agrawal also suggests that adopting favorable lifestyle habits like quitting smoking, regularly exercising, and eating a proper & healthy diet can make a huge difference and improve heart health. 

Dr. Ashish Agarwal is one cardiologist in Korba who provides various services and is the finest in Korba City for Diabetes and Complications, Non-interventional Cardiac Disease, Lifestyle Disorders, Thyroid, Hypertension, and Critical Care.

Lifestyle changes to lower the risk of heart diseaseCardiologist in Korba

A healthy lifestyle involves a range of healthy behaviors, some suggestions by cardiologist in Korba are:-

  • Decrease the consumption of Alcohol
  • Maintain your Blood pressure 
  • Reduce the Cholesterol level
  • Control your Diabetes 
  • Do Exercise 
  • Quit Smoking

Use Acronym ABCDE’S for Remembrance 

If you want to know more about your health and how you can live a healthy lifestyle. Consult Dr. Ashish Agarwal is a well-known name in Korba. Established Name in the field and interest-driven.

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