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Know Diabetes And Heart Diseases – Diabetes Doctor Near Me

Diabetes and heart diseases are related to each other and both are deadly. According to Dr. Ashish Agrawal, the diabetes doctor near me around 70 million people who are suffering from diabetes are at a high risk of developing heart diseases. Many people ignore diabetes and think that if they will manage diabetes through self-management techniques like by changing their daily lifestyle habits and diet plans it is controllable. But when it is at high risk it deadly affects the other organs of your body too like the heart, liver, and blood vessels. Don’t neglect it because if you take care of your diabetes it can decrease the chances of developing heart disease. 

In Diabetes the blood glucose or sugar is high and does not produce the amount of insulin that is necessary for the body. The high risk of glucose can damage the blood vessels and the nerves. After a time it can damage the heart.

Risk Factors For Diabetes and Heart Diseases – Diabetes Doctor Near Me

Diabetes Doctor Near Me
  1. Unhealthy Diet: – Unhealthy diet not only diagnoses you with diabetes but also with heart disease.  A healthy diet plan can help to reduce the risk factors of other diseases too. When it comes to health always eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and avoid junk food. 
  1. Family History: – Dr. Ashish Agrawal the diabetes doctor near me says a person who has a family history of diabetes and heart diseases is at a high risk of developing both the diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to take proper precautions and choose the right lifestyle.
  1. High Cholesterol: – Cholesterol is a kind of fat, delivered by your liver and tracked down in your blood. Cholesterol is basically of two types LDL and HDL. LDL is the bad cholesterol that can block your blood vessels and increase the risk of developing heart diseases. HDL is known as good cholesterol and it reduces the risk of developing heart diseases like heart attack and heart failure.
  1. High Blood pressure: – High Blood pressure is the major cause of increasing diabetes and heart diseases.  In this condition, your heart works harder to pump the blood. This majorly can damage the blood vessels, pressure the heart, increase the risk of developing heart diseases, and also affect the kidney.

If you want to know more about the tips to prevent your diabetes and heart disease. Get in touch with Dr. Ashish Agrawal for the best diabetes doctor near me.

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