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Know How To Take Care of Diabetes During Winter

Winter basically arrives in almost every country. But If you or any of your loved ones is suffering from diabetes it is an extra challenging task to control and manage diabetes properly, therefore, consult with the best Sugar Specialist Doctor because during winter diabetes always needs extra care and support because once the diabetes is uncontrollable it can affect the other organs of the human body. 

Winter is a great time to forget all the worries and just indulge in the heat of the warmer months with your loved ones. But During this time almost most people like to stay inside the house and because of this, the normal routine gets affected badly. 

As per the best Sugar Specialist Doctor Dr. Ashish Agrawal, It is good to take care of the normal routine especially exercises and physical activity. Exercise and physical activity help to handle the challenges of the winter. 

When the temperature slows down it may increase the blood glucose level and put a diabetic patient at high risk for not only diabetes but also other health issues. and things may become worse for diabetic patients.

This season comes with many varieties of dishes such as jalebi, imarti, and carrots. Therefore, it becomes difficult to stick to healthy choices of food. 

The lack of exercise and physical activity can put a high level of blood sugar and makes it difficult to process the glucose in the whole body. 

Best Diabetes Doctor in Chattisgarh

Take Care of Diabetes During Winter – Sugar Specialist Doctor

As per the best Sugar Specialist Doctor, Dr. Ashsh Agrawal Korba follows the necessary tips and precautions to manage and control diabetes during winter.

  1. Monitor The blood Sugar level: – Always keep your glucometer close to you. No, matter whether you are inside or outside of the house.  The best Sugar Specialist Doctor recommends monitoring the blood sugar level on the regular basis. 
  2. Make Right Choices of Food: – When people attract to eat more and more especially sweet dishes. But if you are a diabetic patient stick to healthy choices of food. 

Do not change your healthy eating habits with the changing weather conditions. Choose healthy home-cooked meals, including fruits and vegetables in your diet plan, drink plenty of water, and avoid processed and fried food. 

  1. Physical Activity:  – During winter it is difficult to come out of the cozy blanket and go for exercises and physical activity on regular basis. But keeping active helps you to increase the blood flow and also helps you to feel warmer. 

If you are a diabetic patient and not able to go outside for exercise on regular basis. Find the best way by choosing an indoor activity such as yoga, or dance, and also choose an exercise that does not need any special effort. 

  1. Keep Your hands Warm: – Cold weather can cause cold hands, and it makes blood glucose testing more difficult. One of the simplest techniques for keeping your hands warm is to wear hand gloves. Warm up your hands in a hot container either with hot water before testing.
  1. Don’t Avoid The health tests and professional consultations: – Seasonal changes require careful monitoring of your blood sugar. Consult with the Sugar Specialist Doctor if your condition is worse or if a new symptom appears. 

To keep your sugar levels within the desired range, you may need to make changes to your medications and diet.

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