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Non - Interventional Cardiac Disease

Non Interventional cardiology is a branch of cardiology that deals with diagnosing and treating various types of cardiovascular diseases. When determining what is causing a heart problem, a Cardiologist in Korba must consider multiple variables.

There are two types of Cardiology

Non - Interventional Cardiology - Cardiologist in Korba

In the procedure of Non – Interventional Cardiology, the various types of external use of tests instead of inserting any instrument, needle, fluid, or tube internally into the body. It treats heart diseases like coronary heart diseases, valvular heart diseases, cardiomyopathies, pericardial diseases, etc.

The Cardiologist in Korba treats people through this procedure who have a history of heart disease or chest pain.

The procedure of Not Interventional cardiology involves monitoring heart rhythm, treat blood pressure, and monitoring pulse rate during exercise or stress test. The chest x-ray, electrocardiogram, imaging test, and scanning of the heart are those common tests the Cardiologist in Korba do to know the condition of the heart. 

Non - Interventional Cardiac Diseases
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